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1. How to Eliminate the #1 Enemy of Your Health

It’s almost impossible to overstate the negative effects that stress has on your health.

Studies show that 60 to 80 percent of primary care doctor visits are stress-related.

What conditions and symptoms does stress make worse?

All of them.  Stress wreaks havoc on every single part of your body.

Colds, sinus problems, asthma, bronchitis, ear infections, headaches… gastrointestinal problems, heart disease, skin breakouts, obesity… Alzheimer’s, diabetes, anxiety, depression, premature aging and premature death – all are stress-related.

In truth, if there’s one “magic pill” that will improve your physical and mental health, this is it.

I’ll show you how to turn off stress once and forever… starting today.

2. The Single Best Way to Boost Your Immune System

Sleep is vital for a healthy immune system.

Sleep has an amazing regenerative, recuperative, and restorative effect.

Lack of sleep causes moodiness, irritability, and impairs our natural ability to fight off sickness and disease.

But with glaring screens and 24/7 work schedules keeping us awake, Americans are getting less sleep than ever before.

More than 80 million American adults are chronically sleep deprived, which ultimately makes us fatter, sicker, sadder, stupider and less long-lived.

Power naps don’t solve the problem; nor do pharmaceuticals.

I’ll show you four simple ways to unlock your secret sleep superpower for longer, better, deeper sleep at night.

Each of them is free — and more effective than any pill, dietary supplement, or alternative remedy you can take.

3. Nutrition Made Simple

Confused about what you should be eating?

You’re not alone!

There’s a massive amount of information being published out there every day.

The problem is much of it is misleading, conflicting, or just plain false.

This week the experts tell you to eat eggs; next week they say eggs will kill you.

As it turns out the truth about nutrition is really simple.  You don’t need to read another magazine article or book about what you’re supposed to eat or not eat.

I’ll show you the “PFC” formula so you can make the right food choices every time — and avoid the stuff that really will kill you.

You’ll never have to go on another diet, or worry about counting calories or controlling portion sizes again.

4. The Simple Truth About Exercise

One of the biggest myths in fitness is that if you count calories and exercise enough you will succeed.

Despite what you may have heard, you don’t need to go the gym or starve yourself to lose weight.

I’ll show you how to get all the exercise you need in less than 4 hours per week… without spending a penny.

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