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Michele’s approach to wellness is comprehensive, scientific, and takes you back to your beginnings. Instead of fad diets or a long list of medications and pills that are supposed to magically make you younger and healthier, Michele’s message is rooted in Mother Nature’s rules.

No matter how old you are or what your wellness journey has looked like up to this point, Michele knows that her Happy, Healthy Human methods will work. Simply put, they’re not just methods. They’re the rules and facts of science.

When you hire Michele, you’re inviting yourself to live your most vibrant life. Happier, longer, and healthier. Michele works with all of her clients to bring wellness and vitality to their entire being – mental and physical.

Have more questions? Michele hopes you do! Check out Michele’s FAQ’s area below, or contact her for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve tried every diet out there to lose weight and nothing has worked. Can you still help me?

Absolutely. This is not just about diet but a 6 point plan based on Nature’s rules. Working with me will improve all aspects of your life and weight loss will be a side effect.

I have a very stressful life. I don’t have time to work on myself or workout. What can I do?

This program is only 4 hours a week and some of the things can be done at the same time so we could cut that down. Everyone is different and I can work with anyone’s schedule. We WILL find the time.

I’ve already tried “magic” pills and suppliments – is this more of the same?

I won’t offer you any magic pills, but I WILL give sound advice backed by Mother Nature’s scientific rules and demonstrate how we are supposed to be living as human animals. No one is too far gone and age is not an issue. If you are a human it WILL work.

I have a hard time sleeping and can’t seem to get good quality sleep. Do you have any tips?

Sleep is super important for your health journey. I have scientifically verified information to get you to sleep better and longer. Once we get that on track many other issues will clear up.

I have bad genetics in my family. Is this something I can overcome?

You might be surprised to find out that your genetic code is only 7% attributed to your longevity. The other 93% is based on thoughts, movement and food. So family genetics is more likely an excuse. It can be overcome.

Can you tell me more about your program?

I have a three hour presentation and a ton of scientifically verified information I can present both one on one and to large groups. I also follow clients one on one weekly or monthly to help them reach their goals. I can be involved as little or much as someone wants me to be. I live this life every day and it works.