Meet Michele

Empowering You to Live a

Long and Vibrant Life!

Hello! I’m Michele

Certified wellness coach & motivational speaker

I’ve had a passion for health and fitness from a very young age. Watching my mother go through Breast Cancer when I was only 12 affected me and my family deeply. I began volunteering with my Mother for the American Cancer Society where I would go into the hospital and visit patients fighting Cancer.

After High School, I earned my Medical Assisting degree and Phlebotomy license in Tampa. I then worked in the Health Care field for over a decade where I observed the sad state of health in the United States. After the birth of my third daughter, I became certified in Spinning and Group Fitness and started teaching all over the bay area. I then received my Personal Training Certification through NASAM and my nutrition degree through the IFPA. There is not a single physical activity that I do not enjoy. I’ve run Marathons and Triathalons, done Crossfit and competed in Figure with the IFBB league for two years. I am an avid spin instructor and enjoy teaching on a regular basis.

Over the years, I have helped everyone from teenagers to the elderly to get in better shape. After watching both of my parents die from lifestyle disease way too young, I felt the need to honor them by trying to reach as many people as possible. My mother died of Ovarian Cancer and my father died from complications due to Alcoholism.

With many years of experience helping others, I am passionate about highlighting the importance of both mental and physical strength. Regardless of title or position in this world, our bodily systems all deal with some external pressure, toxins, unhealthy relationships, sedentary lifestyles, junk food and more as well as internal pressure and stress we put on ourselves. I’m on a mission to spread the word on how we can avoid disease and grow to an old age with vibrance and vitality by following Mother Nature’s rules. I want everyone to be a Happy Healthy Human.

I addition to being a mom to my three grown daughters, I love motivational speaking, individual coaching, and corporate wellness.

My Approach

I’m passionate about seeing everyone live their most vibrant life as a Happy, Healthy Human.

I understand that most of the mainstream wellness solutions on the market leave people feeling like a frustrated failure – which is exactly why I became certified to coach a scientifically proven wellness program that sticks to Mother Nature’s rules.

Because my approach is rooted in the science of our bodies, it works for EVERYONE no matter their age or the state of their health. I’m not going to hand you a magic pill or send you another useless diet regiment.

If you want to live a longer and happier life, I’m ready to support your wellness goals starting today!

My Experience

  • Certified Happy, Healthy Human Wellness Coach.
  • Interviewed and consulted by numerous wellness and news channels around the country.
  • Passionate about helping people regain their lives because I’ve personally felt the pain of loss from lifestyle diseases.